The helicopter was purchased from ebay from the seller The Kitplanemodel888. It arrived within 2 weeks, just in time for christmas for which I were to recieve it for a present.

The helicopter arrived in a plane cardboard box for protection and the items were packed inside lose in plastic bags. Unlike the Align its not a nice vacum formed moulded box for all the parts.

No manual or tools are included and no pretty pictures on the packaging are included. Even the CopterX machine includes this.

However this machine costs £60 shipped for the kit, so at this price its no wonder these are missing,

Its a no frills package, no electrics manual or servos are included. The end user must supply this. I chose to purchase a Hobbyking 55/65 amp ESC and a TowerPro brushless motor for the power train.

The motor is a good outrunner motor and seems to work well so far, however the ESC does not include a manual and I am having issues programming it. A replacment may be on its way soon.

The Quailty of the frame is very good. I found no sharp edges or carbon splinters at all and the lines were very cleanly cut. In fact I could tell no difference between the frame from the clone and the Align one.

The clone also uses the same style hex head unlike the cross head of most other clones.

The head, tail and frame all come pre-assembled. However none of the screws come pre thread-locked, so you will need to remove each screw and apply some locking compound during the build stages.

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