Helicopter Build Information Section


This is not a complete start to finish build guide. This can be used to reference the various aspects of the build, tips for the build and also general setup advice for the helicopter.

You can download the full PDF manuals from the downloads sections.

The video section also covers bits that I have not mentioned here.

Part 1: Frame

The frame comes ready assembled from the packet. All you need to do to the frame is remove each of the screws in turn and dab a bit of thread lock onto the end of the screws. DO NOT Lock the tail boom support box.

Take a look at the thread lock video to see how best to use thread lock.


The skids consist of two rods 4 rubber grommets and the two plastic beam supports. I slide one beam support onto the skid bars first and then slide the bars into the blocks. Make sure the skid blocks are angled forward to give the correct balance and to make sure the heli will sit correctly.

To mount to the heli, turn the frame upside down and locate the pins into the gaps underneath. This will align the holes. I used the self tapping screws approximate 10mm long to secure the landing gear to the underside of the frame.

Tail box:

Again the tail box is pre assembled. However as with the other assemblies the screws will require thread locking. I also found there was a small amount of play from one of the blade grips. This was fixed but turning the screw a quarter turn to just tighten it enough.

Once you have done this you can slide the belt into the tail boom and slide the box onto it too. To help this I sprayed a small amount of wax polish into the boom and slid the belt down slowly keeping it as straight as possible.

I slid the belt down and attached the box the end where the small hole is located.

To secure the box too the boom I use a machined screw of approximate 15mm. However, do not secure yet, as you may will need to align the box later on and with it slightly lose you can adjust with ease.

You may now also if you want attach the vertical stablelizer to the boom. Slide both of the control rod supports over the boom and slide the control rod though too. Attach the ball link cups to each end. Slide the boom into the frame and over the drive gear. You will need to make sure you twist the belt in the wright direction for the rotation of the tail blades. To check this the blades need to rotate anti clockwise when the head rotates clockwise. This will be checked later in the build so do not worry about it yet.

Just remember to keep the boom clamp bolts and tail clamp slightly lose so that adjustments can me made later, however make sure they are not lose enough for either to fall from the frame.

Once these steps are completed the ar frame should look like this. I have also attached the control rod to the tail box too. Click here to see a large picture of the tail boom with box and control rod attached.

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