After visiting a few sites and forums relating to helicopters, I noticed a few things. First headpeople don't like clones, and second they think they are inferior counter parts to the real thing and the quality is very poor.

This site will hopefully show you what some of the clones out there are like and show you information on building them and setting them up.

The site is not a full build related site but an overview of the steps I took to complete the helicopter build and setup.

I have made a few videos that you can watch and numerous pictures and steps for you to look and and aid you in your build.

The download section hosts instruction manuals for some of the clones and ESC's that are not supplied with one has standard.

Buy unbranded

I brought my 1st Trex 450se V2 2nd hand with all off the electrics and ready built. I paid £300 for this which I felt was a good deal.The heli came with a GY401 Futaba Gyro, 3x HS65MG servos and a futaba s9650 tail servo.

frameI ended up crashing this and what I thought was minor damage ended up costing me £130 in parts.

So I looked around at the various kits and came across the one I purchased and am now making the site about this great little helicopter.

You can click on any of the thumbnails on the site to view a large high quality version of the picture.