Amiga 500 PSU - PC case conversion : Page 3

Modifying the PC PSU

On the board of the old PSU you will see that the wires are labeled to what they are.


Make a note of your setup as some of the Amiga PSU have different colour codes.

Cut the Amiga power lead from the board at the length you feel is adequate for your situation. Next strip the wires and tin them with your soldering iron and solder. You can move the shielding out of the way as it is not required.

Next cut the ATX connector from the PSU. You will need to cut the wires close to the unit to allow it to fit into the original case. I left the original Molex connector on so That I could power drivers externally to the Amiga if required.

Solder them to the correct colours on the ATX PSU

Amiga Colour

ATX Colour















De solder the switch from the Amiga case and strip the green wire and one black wire from the ATX PSU. Solder the wires to the wires on the switch.

Make sure you blank all of the ends of the wires, and where you have soldered to stop shorting out.

Once all of the wires are soldered and taped up the unit will look like this. You now have a useable PC ATX PSU for the Amiga.
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