Amiga 500 PSU - PC case conversion : Page 2


PC PSU's have 2 requirements that need to be met.

  1. There must be at least a 1 amp load on the 5v rail to work (An Amiga easily uses this)
  2. The "Power On" wire needs to be connected to ground at all times to work. (We use the psu switch in this case)

So lets get on with it then. MAKE SURE THAT THE POWER HAS NOT BEEN ON FOR AT LEAST 24hrs! This will allow the capacitors in the PSU to discharge and be safe to work with.

Turn the A500 PSU upside down. You will see 4 circular depressions, or 2 holes and 2 depressions in areas similar to above. Case styles vary and may be in different areas.

You will need to drill/pries these out to get to the screws holding the case together. THER ARE 4 screws.

With the case split, you can now remove the power supply that is in their. Your case will look similar to the one above.

With your rotary tool, and metal discs start to cut away all of the struts as close to the bases as possible.
I then dishwasher the case to remove all of the crap that was accumulated over the years and to make it nicer to work on.
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