Amiga 500 PSU - PC case conversion : Page 1


WARNING! This project is serious do not undertake this lightly. You need to have some common sense and some DIY/Electrical knowledge will help greatly. This project could kill you, or at least hurt you if you don't follow basic electrical safety! I KNOW! I electrocuted myself with 240v while completing this project, I was very lucky not to seriously injure myself.


Part one: Ingredients

For the following recipe you will require

1 x A500 Power Supply

1 x Flat file 1 x curved file

Rotary tool with metal cutting discs.
  • Soldering Iron
  • Glue Gun
  • Epoxy Resin
  • Drill

Primer, Cream paint & Lacquer

& Sand/Finishing papers.


Please note: some of the images are slightly different to the end result. This is due to needing to cut wires back further. I also had to use a different case in the end due to problems with the other.

Some steps have not been fully documented as they will vary according to the PSU's being used in the project. Please use this tutorial as a guide only.

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