Amiga 1200 eBay Restoration: Page 2



Unscrew the led from the lid. Two screws hold this on

Remove all of the keys (less caps lock) and stick them in the dishwasher. Put the springs and little white clips from the wired keys somewhere safe.

Remove the screws holding the motherboard into the case.

(Right side)

And on the left. (Remove the little metal clip and keep safe)

Remove the motherboard from the case. If you have a big enough dishwasher place both parts into it and wash. Once washed, make sure the the case is dry.

Set up an area outside, or somewhere well ventilated to allow you to spray safely. I used an old paint can with a small piece of hardboard on top to support the case.

Follow the instructions on your paints in regards to spraying. But remember to hold around 30cm away from the case.

Spray 2 -3 fine coats of primer on each part of the case, leave approximate 10mins between coats (see can) before completing the next.

With some fine sand paper sand down the primer until its nice and smooth. Wipe with a damp cloth then dry. Spray again until you have a smooth covering all over. Rotate the case around to make sure all areas are covered.
Do the same with the removed blanking plates. And also the top of the case.
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