Amiga 1200 eBay Restoration: Page 1


I brought this Amiga 1200 from ebay, along with a monitor and a host of other items. It said it was a bit yellowed which did not bother me too much. Upon collecting the A1200 I saw how bad it was. It was very sticky, yellow and a bit smelly (Sorry fella no offence).

So! The idea of a restoration sprang to mind, along with taking some pictures and creating this guide. Please be aware that these pages are graphic heavy.


Part one: Ingredients

For the following recipe you will require

Primer x 1, White Spray x 1 and Clear Lacquer x 1

(I used two of Primer and Spray as I was also restoring some other Amiga's)

1 x A1200 in a bad state.


Then follow the next few pages of steps to take.


Remove the 5 screws that are holding the case together. Remove the sticky feet pads also. Turn over and open up. your A1200 will look a bit like this. Remove the keyboard by gently plucking the small white collar at the end of the ribbon cable with a small screwdriver.

Take out the hard drive and unplug all the wires. (remove the ram card if you have one)

Remove the screw from in floppy holding to the base, also the 2 screws underneath on the outside.
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